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FREE Trustee sale field trip this Monday March 19th

We've got our final March Trustee Sale field trip scheduled for this coming Monday at the Chino sale site. This is a great opportunity to get instruction from an experienced bidder!

All kinds of properties are sold at this location...with plenty of inventory to choose from for investors on both large and small budgets. Check out a couple examples of the properties people just like you were able to buy this month at the sales in Chino

3,100 Square Foot 5 Bed 3 Bath home in Rancho Cucamonga.  Estimated value $676,000 purchased for $556,000!!

594 Square Foot 2 Bed 1 Bath home in 29 Palms.  Estimated value $76,0000 purchased for $46,000!!!

Regardless of your budget. it's time to start building your Real Estate Portfolio.

Date: 03/19/2018

Time: 1 p.m.

Location: 13220 Central Ave Chino, CA

Susan has been buying properties for our clients for years at multiple sale locations thru-out Southern California, and will show you step by step how the whole process works. Susan will share her insights on how to effectively bid at a sale, and will go over some of the best strategies to use to buy properties in a seller's market; she'll even show you how you can still participate in this market when you don't have enough cash to buy at the sales. Susan will answer any and all questions you may have on how to buy real estate for below market value at the Trustee sales.

This is a FREE EVENT, so grab some friends and learn how foreclosure investing works!

To prepare for the field trip sign up for a 5 Day Free Trial

More LA County properties being picked up at amazing prices at the Trustee sales in Pomona

More amazing buys this week in Pomona!

35 properties in Los Angeles County were picked up by Bidders in just the last 4 days

Check out a couple that made some people VERY HAPPY!

County Records Research has been teaching people how to buy foreclosures for over 36 years.  We have a YouTube page full of free resources

We also have a Bidder there waiting for you to place your bids, and even have a source for financing at the sales!  What are you waiting for?

More great buys just this week at the Trustee Sales held in Pomona

In the past 4 days more than 41 properties were bought by investors at Trustee sales in LA County, 29 of them at the sales held in Pomona.

Here are just a couple:

Our Bidder is standing by in Pomona, just waiting to take your order and help you  take the first step towards building / expanding your Real Estate Empire !!!

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