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Podcast Highlights of Previous Seminars.
Our next field trips are as follows:
Date Location Time Notes
1st Tuesday of each month: Riverside County Sales  849 W 6th Street, Corona CA 9:00 AM Meet Susan by the flag pole
2nd Friday of each month: Los Angeles County Sales   400 Civic Center Drive Pomona CA 10:30 AM Meet Susan by the fountain
3rd Monday of each month: San Bernardino County Sales
No field trips held on Holidays
13220 Central Ave Chino, CA 1:00 PM Meet Susan by the fountain

Susan has been buying properties for our clients for years at multiple sale locations thru-out Southern California, and will show you step by step how the whole process works.  Susan will share her insights on how to effectively bid at a sale, and will go over some of the best strategies to use to buy properties in a seller's market; she'll even show you how you can still participate in this market when you don't have enough cash to buy at the sales. Susan will answer any and all questions you may have on how to buy real estate for below market value at the Trustee sales.

This is a FREE EVENT, so grab some friends and learn how foreclosure investing works!

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