Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale
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Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale
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County Records

Trustee Department

Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale
The undersigned, as Beneficiary or Beneficiary┬┤s representative, hereby makes the following representations, each of which is material to and will be relied upon by County Records Research in performing the services described herein:
A Breach and Default has occurred on the subject loan, and the reason for the Default, the specific amounts and terms causing said default, and all other information about the loan have been accurately relayed to County Records Research on this Declaration of Default. By reason of said default the undersigned instructs County Records Research to cause the trust property to be placed into default and subsequently sold to satisfy the obligations secured by this Deed of Trust, including unpaid principle balance, all outstanding interest owed, and any and all sums advanced or expended as per the terms of this Deed of Trust, together with interest as provided.

I / We hand you or commit to hand to you in a timely manner herewith the said Deed of Trust and a certified copy of the original Note (which I certify that I am in possession of) together with any assignments, substitutions and also receipts for all sums advanced or extended and will further deliver to you all receipts for any additional sums advanced or expended. I / We agree to refuse, and instruct any collection agency to refuse any partial payment from Borrowers without consulting with County Records Research, understanding that acceptance of partial payment may cause Trustee to cancel foreclosure proceedings at Beneficiary's expense.

The undersigned promises to notify County Records Research immediately when any advances and/or expenses are incurred in order to have accurate reinstatement or payoff figures available to Borrowers at all times.
The undersigned promises at all times to keep current all payments owed to senior lien holders to prevent them from foreclosing, thus eliminating this Deed of Trust.
The undersigned promises to contact County Records Research for an accounting of final foreclosure costs before accepting any reinstatement or payoff.
The undersigned affirms that the subject loan was made in full compliance with state and local statutes and regulations and is in full compliance with all current pre-foreclosure requirements.
The undersigned hereby promises and agrees to pay the Trustee's fee in the amount permitted by law, together with all costs and expenses incidental to these proceedings, within 15 days of billing. It is agreed and understood that you may not proceed with the sale and/or deliver your Trustee's Deed until all fees and costs have been paid, and hereby indemnify and hold harmless County Records Research for said delay allowed under the terms of this contract. I /We also agree to pay on demand, as well as indemnify and hold harmless from and against all costs, damages, attorney's fees, expenses, obligations and liabilities of any kind which you may incur or sustain by reason of this default and foreclosure proceeding and/or the sale of the trust property by reason of any act of omission or commission on the part of others and the undersigned, for whom you are acting as agent. I, the undersigned, agree to provide legal representation for County Records Research, if necessary, to protect any interests of County Records Research Inc.

"I hereby certify that I have read and understood this Agreement. I also certify that I am the Beneficiary or the representative and agent of all the Beneficiaries under the subject Note and Deed of Trust and, as such, have legal authority to commit each Beneficiary to the payment, jointly and severally, of the charges, costs and expenses to perform the foreclosure."


*Complete, print, sign and fax, along with a copy of

the Note & Deed of Trust, to (714) 846-8720