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Success happens when Preparation meets Opportunity

So you would really like to pick up a vacation home but just haven't had success in finding the right one at a great price?

As the Roman philosopher Seneca is credited with saying...

Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Preparation and Opportunity:

Our service allows you to set up searches for different property types in different geographic areas, and then activate email notifications to let you know when they hit our site. You can then contact the owner and make an offer or wait and buy at the Trustee Sale.


Weekend get-away that you could rent as well?

On Monday December 13th a bidder at the Trustee sales purchased a 2bd/1ba $285,000 house in Big Bear for $214,000....that's about 25% below market!

Looking for something a bit more stately?

A 9 room 4bd/3ba 4,000 square foot $1.15mm home in El Dorado Hills (just south of Lake Tahoe) was purchased by a bidder on Wednesday Dec 15th at the Trustee Sale for $193,000. They bid on the 2nd TD, and now own this property subject to a $475,000 1st. That's over 40% below market!

Don't waste another weekend wondering why you're not lucky enough to get a property...make it happen. Use Promo Code FB15 and get 15 days of free access to our website.

Getting a great deal at a foreclosure sale can happen all over CA...not just large metropolitan areas!

Trustee sales occur all over...not just big metropolitan areas.

Check out a couple that went to sale today and the prices people paid to own these homes:

4Bd/2Ba 2,932 Sq. Ft. home in Patterson CA sold today at the Trustee sale for $378,000...…estimate of value between $503,000 to $543,000. This is in Stanislaus County

3Bd/2Ba 1,687 Sq. Ft. home in Penn Valley CA sold for $312,000...Zillow and Redfin estimate this property is worth between $409,000 and $449,000. This is in Nevada County

There are lots of opportunities all just have to look. On our website you can set up saved searches for that area you've always wanted to buy a home in, activate email notifications and then sit back and wait for the's done for you automatically!

Another great buy at the Trustee Sales yesterday in San Bernardino County

A 3Bd/3Ba 2,207 Sq. Ft home built in 1992 on an 11,000 square foot corner lot on Valley Court in San Bernardino CA sold today at the Trustee sales for $399,494. Estimates of value range from $550,000 - $612,000.

You can make offers to these homeowners before the sale date, you can go to the Trustee sale and bid yourself, or if you are a potential owner occupant you can see if the Trustee is accepting letters of Intent to Bid and submit your best offer within 45 days of the sale.

There are lots of opportunities out there if you know where to look, and we've been providing that information to real estate investors for over 40 years.  Give us a call and we'll fill you in, or just sign up for a  5 day free trial

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