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Check out some of the HUGE discounts people are getting on Real Estate by buying at CA Trustee sales

SB 1079 is giving lots of potential owner occupants great opportunities to buy real estate at incredible discounts after the sale. These are actual properties people purchased between August 7th and 10th at the Trustee Sales in CA.. The Dana Point property has a value range from high the 9's to $1.4mm (the high is from Redfin) and is eligible for SB 1079 bidding.  Same with the property in Crestline.

County Records Research has been providing buyers with the tools to buy real estate at great prices since 1981.

2023 CA Foreclosure activity is up;comparing last years numbers for January

Just ran a comparison of new foreclosures listed on our website year over year for January:
CA Notices of Default (NOD) were up 98% from last January and Notices of Trustee Sale were up 32%.
In Sothern California, NOD's were up across all the major counties:
San Diego 68%
Los Angeles 93%
Orange 96%
Riverside 107%
San Bernardino 110%
There are plenty of opportunities out there to start making offers to property owners that ultimately need to sell. Given the new CA Civil Code AB-1837 updates that became effective this year it looks like more squashed bidding at the sale. Get it under contract before it goes to auction and everyone wins; you get a great price and the Seller knows exactly what price they will get for their property...and without losing their home to foreclosure.
Not familiar with AB-1837? Email me and I will send you a summary.

Foreclosure market is heating up; compare year over year for April activity

Here is a YOY comparison of new NOD & NTS for the month of April. Notice the new Notice of Default filings keep growing. Historically about 56% of the new NOD's progress to NTS. These new NOD's and NTS filings present an opportunity to reach out and make the owner an offer to purchase their property. You can open Escrow and obtain standard financing purchasing this way. This is a win win situation, as the owner is able to sell the property before the foreclosure sale and you get a great deal on a property and don't necessarily have to battle it out with 20 other prospective buyers!

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