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This is the website for Ward Hanigan, one of Kurt's longtime friends in the business of investing in foreclosures.  Ward has given many seminars and is a man who pioneered a number of strategies in buying properties through the foreclosure process.  One of his most interesting methods is buying something he calls his "Dingbats". 

These are smaller homes, usually 2 or 3 on a lot, that you will find in older neighborhoods. They are  zoned as residential, multi-family.  What's cool about these properties is that they are little stand-alone houses. They are perfect for retired couples who live on fixed incomes and want a simple life in their golden years.  They will move in as renters and stay for a good long time.  They keep the property up, plant a little garden, make no problems, and pay you rent like clockwork.

One such property just sold at the Trustee's Sale in Pomona on 9/30/2016.  This little Duplex on 3rd Avenue in Los Angeles has an Estimated Value of $616,500 and sold at the auction for $396,100, for an Estimated Equity  Savings of  $220,400!  That alone is reason to pat the new owner on the back.  But consider that this property has a 2BR/1BA house and a 1BR/1BA house  that will both be excellent sources of rental income. This is the perfect "Dingbat" scenario.

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