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A Thanksgiving Holiday Message from CRR: Enjoy Your Family & Overcome the Inertia of Myths!

As you gather once again with Those You Love you will carve the Turkey once again.

You will have Appetizers and Salad and Potatoes and Yams.

You know what to expect. 

You will have more to eat then you would on any other day of the year.

And you will still have room for Coffee or Hot Cider and Dessert.

After you have a few days to watch Football and walk off your celebration it will be Monday again.

You will return to a more common routine.

For us that routine is the Dynamic Foreclosure Marketplace.

Here we also know what to expect and we are fortunate to be able guide you...

...just as you guide your children to fill their plates without skipping their vegetables.

In this Business...  We are surrounded by Foreclosure Myths that cause Inertia...

Even the most seasoned investors will say to us... "the prices at the Trustee Sale get bid up to high... there is no margin for me..."

To which we say..." Yeah.. Sometimes...., but not always, and our bidding service solves that.  You can bid on as many properties as you want to.  If the price is right and you are ready for it you will get one. We have had many successes. You can too. You never know if you don't try."

New Investors will say to us... "if the homeowner would accept my offer, why don't they just list their house? If they have not done that already, won't they just say no?"

To which we say... "Don't underestimate yourself. Sometimes they just need a little push, or a friendly person to make a reasonable offer that is not too low.  Maybe they just need someone to explain things to them.  Sometimes it is all about your timing.  But you never know if you don't try."

 Inertia is a Powerful Force.  It slows down Borrowers in Default and Investors as well.  It is fed by our own Myths that cloud our ability to think quickly and react to simple situations. 

If you visit our Twitter feed and follow it, you will see examples each week of great deals picked up each week by people who moved past the Inertia of Myths that slows others down.

Many other great deals are found during our live webinars on the seminar page of our website each Wednesday and Friday afternoon at 2:30pm.  As we explore opportunities going to auction we see cancelled sales, and many of those are in escrow because someone just like you made an offer.

I just did a quick search and found an example of a great deal someone just got at the Trustee Sale 2 weeks ago.

This Nice Home with a Pool on Summitcrest in Trabuco Canyon sold for $704,000.00, while it is worth close to a Million Dollars.  Could you have had this deal?  Yes!

Or you could have grabbed one with similar numbers either higher in value or lower, depending on your business model.  You decide how you want to buy and you make yourself succeed by breaking the Inertia of Myths and getting down to the business of filling your plate.

We expect to slow down after we have filled up on Stuffing and Gravy and Pumpkin Pie. 

But we don't slow ourselves down before we ever get to the table.  We don't tell ourselves the White Meat is too dry and the Cranberry Sauce is all gone.  We don't tell ourselves that the Pecan Pie is just for the "Old People" who are always there.  We dig in and we spoil ourselves!

From the Families at County Records Research, Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy Yourselves! Enjoy Your Loved Ones!

Then get back here on Monday and Dig In!

Did You know the Lenders want us to Make Offers to the Borrowers?

It's True!

The number of postponements has many people puzzled. But it is not such a strange thing after all.

The Lenders are aware that the market can be affected by a large number of auction sales in a short period of time.  They are managing the flow with delayed actions, postponements, and cancellations.

They want us out there working this market.  It is better for Us. It is better for the Borrowers.  It is better for all.

Get the Deal! Get the Listing! Get out There!

Are You Hunting for an Estate to Buy? Someone was. They Saved a Bundle!

A beautiful estate home on land in the hills of San Juan Capistrano with spectacular views just sold at the Trustee Sale for $1,380,000.  The opening bid was $1,100,865, & the Estimate Value is ranging from $2,100,000 to $2,800,000. You can imagine how delighted the homeowner is to have landed such an amazing value.  That is a huge amount of equity for a new owner, and they can resell the home or live in it, or they can use it as a rental property.

Are you looking for a property in that area? You could make an offer yourself.  Go to our website and look at trustee sales in Orange County in the month of October.  The home is on Hunt Club Drive in San Juan Capistrano.  Look at the images in the bird's eye and aerial views.  Use your mouse to move the map around.  Use the aerial view to see the elevations.  The view of the sunsets over Dana Point must be something to give you chills.

Our hats are off to this buyer.  They really found an amazing opportunity.  If they aren't going to retire in this home, maybe it is meant for you.  There is never a time to count yourself out.

Good Hunting!

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