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Happy New Year!

It is time again to count your blessings and wish blessings upon others.

Remember those you Love.

Cherish the Memories that make you You.

Think about the Great year that awaits Us and how you plan to make it Better.

We have Everything we Need to Achieve Joy & Happiness.

Reach out to those who want to help you get there whenever the need arises.

Our Resolution to You is that we will be there for You.

Happy New Year, from all of us to all of You!

Happy Holidays from All of Us to All of You!!!

May this Joyous & Wonderful Time of Year Bring You Much Happiness!

May the Blessings of the Season Grant You All Your Wishes!


Be Kind, Be Happy, and Be with Those You Love!  

Large Home with Swimming Pool & Tennis Court at 30% Off!!!

An Estate Home on Alta Canyada Rd in La Canada/Flintridge went to sale on 12-8-2015. This Home is worth $1,716,579 and opened at $1,215,500. It sold for one penny over the starting bid.  The lender was owed almost $1,700,000 but decided to discount the property for a quick sale.  This type of opportunity presents itself each day at varying market values.  From the Small Condo to the Large Home with literally all the Bells & Whistles, the opportunity awaits the savvy investor. 

Don't wait to see if there will be a listing in the area you want to buy in.  Beat the listing agent to the property and save the commission for your own pocket.  If you are the agent then get your groove on and get that listing.  This house should have sold the old fashioned way.  It didn't have to go to auction.

Let every deal you see like this teach you a valuable lesson about what it takes to succeed in this market. You can't wait for the deal to come to you.  Use our website like a treasure map and get out there and dig.  The more times you put your shovel into the earth, the more treasure you will find.  If you want to fill your sack with gold nuggets, expect to get your hands a little dirty and break a sweat.  The rewards are endless if you just push yourself outside your safe space and make it happen.

A Diamond in the Rough... Selling Tomorrow at Rock Bottom Price... in Belmont Shore!

How many times have you heard.. "Location, Location, Location!???"

Well here is another prime example.  You as an investor should always be looking for the "worst house on the block".  These are the homes that can be fixed up and become a nice source of pride and profit. The key to this method of investing is that we know we are going to inherit "deferred maintenance" issues. This is not a bad thing.  The house that needs work is the house that does not sell on curb appeal. It sells at a discount because there is work to be done and most buyers are looking for a home that is "move-in ready".  This one is going to auction and has never been listed since the foreclosure began.

It is a fixer in a great spot, surrounded by nicer homes, and is set to go to auction tomorrow.  Market value (if turnkey) is around $1,075,837.00...  This place is not exactly that.  But the amount owed on the loan is just $600,982.00...

$400,000.00 in equity would give me quite a bit of leeway in my rehab costs.  I could customize and be creative... or I would simple bring in a clean-up crew on this one and do an "as-is" sale and pocket at least $100,000.00 and let the new owner customize it to his or her tastes.  Those of you who are contractors know that you can easily take a house that is walking distance from 2nd Street in Belmont Shore and make it a showplace.  This one is "Pristine" as one of my realtor friends likes to say. 

You just may be the only bidder.  Wouldn't that be a great way to start off your holidays?

A $300,000.00 Holiday Savings on a Naples Island Home... What will you ask Santa for?

If you have never wandered the Naples Island coastline to see the lights this season, maybe you should.  It is worth your time to have a nice walk and see the beauty of the decorations and lovely homes on the edge of the sea.  A buyer at auction just got themselves a chance to see this view every holiday season for years to come.  On 11-30-2015, a 2149 sq ft beachside home on Appian Way has a value of at least $1,276,507.00...  The opening bid at auction was $977,500.00...  It was purchased for  just a penny over that amount.  The foreclosure wiped out at least $600,000 in debt and made the house a bargain for a fortunate bidder.  What a nice way to brighten your family's holiday season!  Let us help you make your dreams come true.  It is not hard to do.  Just do your research, make your plan, and follow your plan.

Put your wish list together by joining us for our Wednesday and Friday afternoon webinars and asking questions as you line up properties to purchase.  With County Records Research by your side you are never alone.  Think of us as your Foreclosure Elves... here to help you fill your property stocking and put real estate presents underneath the tree.

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