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Tips for searching for foreclosures: How to get automatic emails every day with new foreclosures.

Today, we want to give you some instructions on how to set up a saved search that will send you emails each day when new properties show up in your area of interest. 

·         First, you log in and select property search

·         Select a County Zone (Just one only)

·         Scroll down to the General Property Search section

·         Select one of the options under "Choose One" such as Default Notice or Trustee Sales

·         You can now select from many options in the general property search section if you want to make very specific choices. 

·         You can specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

·         You can specify the type of property. 

·         You can specify up to 3 cities or zip codes within the county zone, or

·         You can scroll further down the screen to the map for a polygon search

·         The Polygon search option lets you draw a multi-sided box around a geographic area

·         If you wish to create a polygon for your search, put your mouse cursor on the map

·         Adjust the map to center on the area you want, and zoom in if needed

·         Begin your polygon by clicking one point on the map

·         Move your mouse cursor and click on a second point on the map

·         A red line will form between the two points

·         Move your mouse cursor again to another point and click to make a second line

·         Continue this process until you have just one line left to do to finish the box

·         Click on "Close Polyshape" and the polygon will be complete

·         Now you should have a search that is ready to save

·         Scroll up the page to just above "Choose One"

·         Click on "Save this Search" and a small window will open in that spot

·         Now type the name you want to give the search and click "Save"

·         The search will be saved to your "My Searches" folder

·         Now click on "My Searches" just above Kurt's Photo on the left of the Property Search Screen

·         You will see the search you saved

·         Look to the right and you will see it says "Activate Notifications"

·         Click on "Activate Notifications"

·         You will now get an email each day with the properties that your search picks up

·         Call 800-664-2567 if you would like us to create a saved search for you

Yes, Foreclosures are UP and Yes, People are getting Deals!!!

You may have just heard the confirmation of our predictions... that foreclosures are going up again... but have you also heard that many properties now have an equity position and that there are great deals being made before and at the auction?

Just look at some of the Recent Purchases in the month of February: 

4BR/2.5BA Home on Weatherly Dr in Yorba Linda sold for $559,000 Est Value: $709,588

3BR/2BA Home on Gaillard St in La Verne sold for $316,000 Est Value: $430,415

4BR/2BA Home on Fernview St in Whittier sold for $346,500 Est Value: $434,947

4BR/2BA Home on Orizaba Ave in Paramount sold for $284,000 Est Value: $360,720

3BR/1BA Home on McMillan St in Compton sold for $150,000 Est Value: $260,556

3BR/3BA Home on Farralone Ave in Chatsworth sold for $490,000 Est Value: $600,030


How to Search Foreclosures: Instructions for Guests

Getting started is really easy.

·         Just go to and click on "login".

·         Enter the username and password and click on "submit".

·         Click on "property search".

·         Select a county by checking the box on the Right of the county.

·         If you have a property in mind use the "single property search" to find it by address.

·         If you are looking for any foreclosure property, use "general property search".

·         Pick the stage of foreclosure that interests you.

·         "Notice of Default" properties are the first group.  You can make offers or maybe buy notes.

·         "Notice of Trustee Sale" properties are the next group. You can make offers or bid at auction.

·         "Drop Bid Report" is a sub-set of the NTS group, where a low opening bid is announced early.

·         "REO's" are the next group.  You can make offers to banks.  They now own the properties.

·         "Properties sold to bidders" is the last group.  You can make offers on these too.

·         Once you have selected a category the website will create a range of dates for you.

·         Just click on the Blue Button that says "search without polygon" to see your first list.

·         There will be a map at the top, and it will say 0 to 20 of ? records above the map.

·         This is your first list.  Click on any address to open the detailed profile.

·         Call us a 1-800-664-2567 9am to 6pm M-F and we can answer your  questions.

If you have properties you want help with, just call.  If you have questions regarding how foreclosures work, just call.  If you are not sure what to do...  just call.

·         We update our records every day for changes in status and auction details.

·         We research the loans on properties, and we are here to help you double-check the loans.

·         Always double-check the loans.  You may learn something that will make a big difference.

·         Create folders in the "My Properties" folder and save properties by category for future deals.

·         You can request text updates to your cell phone or your email for auction properties.

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