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What would you have done? Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure....

A Remodeled 6BR/3BA Home with a swimming pool on Laird Ave in La Mesa just sold today at auction.

Estimated value: $517,419   The bank was owed only $200,366 on a Reverse Mortgage.  The final price was $330,000

The family gets around $130,000 in overpayment dollars. Would you have tried to make an offer, and avoid paying cash?

Or would you have gone to the auction?   Both are good strategies.  But this may have been the best price possible.  Also, if there were junior liens, this would be the best method for you as a buyer.

What a Week! Just look at some of the Deals in Two Days!!!! Are you bidding Yet???

A Tri-Plex on Park St in Whittier sold Today for $500,000 Est Value is $615,272!

A Du-Plex on Matilija in Sherman Oaks sold Yesterday for $642,000 Est Value: $782,655!

A  Home on a Cul-de-Sac with a Pool on Woodland Ln in Glendora sold Yesterday for $470,500 Est Value: 537,719!

A Bachelor's Condo on Via Buena in Laguna Woods sold Yesterday for $108,000 Est Value: $170,845!

A Home on Doublegrove St in La Puente sold Yesterday for $286,832 Est Value: $425,134!

A Home on Dunton Dr in Whittier sold Today for $395,000 Est Value: $457,760!

A Pool-Side Condo on Palm Canyon in Palm Springs sold Yesterday for $93,000 Est Value: $143,462!

A Country Club Home on Nobe St in Corona sold Yesterday for $320,000 Est Value: $399,878!

A Du-Plex on 112th St in Inglewood sold Yesterday for $340,000 Est Value: $434,535!

A Cul-de-Sac Home on Glendale Ct in Snta Ana sold Testerday for $248,000 Est Value: $363,574!

Great Foreclosure Deals at Recent Trustee's Sales.... 3-10-2014

4BR/2BA Foreclosure Home on Serenata Dr in Mission Viejo sold for $628,900.00 Est Value: $704,330

3BR/2BA Foreclosure Home on Prairie Ave in Lawndale sold for $437,750 Est Value: $548,592

1BR/1BA Foreclosure CONDO on Bear St in Santa Ana sold for $90,100.00 Est Value: $238,390


Are there any deals out there? uh... yeah!!!

This week...

2BR/1BA Home with Pool on Cerritos Dr. in Palm Springs sold for just $171,000 Est Value; $342,082

4BR/3BA Corner Home on Bach St in Carson sold for $355,000 Est Value: $516,009

3BR/2BA Home on Judson St in Claremont sold for $426,000 Est Value: $542,343



Tips for Searching Forecosures: How to save properties and get individual property updates...

Today we want to show you how to set up your "My Properties" folders, how to save properties to these folders, and how to set up email or text status updates on individual properties that are scheduled to go to auction.  First we will show you how to set up your "My Properties" folders and save properties.

·         First login and select "My Properties" just above Kurt's photo on the left side of the home page

·         You will see "My Properties" at the top of the new page and 6 blue tabs just below it

·         The 4th tab from the left is "Manage Folders"

·         Click on this tab to create separate folders so you can save and organize your properties

·         Just type a folder name in the blue box and click "Add Folder" to make a new folder

·         The new folder name appears above

·         You can create new folders or delete old folders anytime you want

·         You can add or delete properties in any of these folders anytime you want

·         Once you have created the folders you want, click on "Property Search" on the left side of the folder page to proceed to the General Property Search Screen

·         Search using the "Standard View" Report Format to access these save and update functions

·         Set up a property search as per instructions we sent you on a previous email

·         Your search results will appear with a map at the top of the screen and a list of properties below

·         Click on the address to open the profile of the property

·         The property profile has a map on the upper right side

·         Above the map is a "Save" button

·         To the left of the "Save" button is a small window that says "General Folder"

·         To the right of "General Folder" is a small down arrow button (Drop Down Menu)

·         Click on the down arrow and you can select any of the new folders you just created

·         Click the "Save" button and the property will be saved to the folder you just selected

·         You can open the "My Properties" page at anytime to see this property

·         The "My Properties" page shows all properties in all folders by default as a single list, or you can choose just one of the folders above to see only that folder if you want to

·         If you save NOD properties to these folders, these records are NOT updated once saved, so you will need to make your own notes in the space at the bottom of the profile page, you may also upload photos if you want to, as this is your private information

·         If you save NTS properties to these folders, these records are Dynamic, so you will see that the auction dates and status will automatically be updated for you.  You can also write notes and upload photos in the space at the bottom of the profile page as this is your private information

Text and Email Status Updates:

·         The update function is for NTS or Upcoming Trustee Sales Properties Only

·         Open an NTS property profile and scroll down below Auction Details to the Updates section

·         There are two options in this section.  One is to set up email updates, and the other is to set up text updates to your cell phone

·         The first section for email updates lets you select either Status Changes or Dropped Opening Bid

·         The second section for text updates is also for Status Changes or Dropped Opening Bid

·         You can select either email or text updates, but not Both

·         If you select Status Changes we will notify you of any change at all, including postponements, cancellations, sale results, and drop bids.

·         If you select Dropped Opening Bid we will notify you if the bid is dropped before the auction

·         Don't forget to type in your email address or cell number and carrier

·         You can cancel updates anytime in the profile itself or from the "My Properties" page


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