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dropping dropping dropping

These homes in San Diego had comps over $300,000.00, and the lenders were owed even more.......

The bids were dropped TODAY to just...

$166,500.00 on a 3BR/2BA at 3736 Gayle St in San Diego....   WOW!

$162,800.00 on 3BR/2BA at 3919 Cagle St. in National City...   Double Wow!!

REO's in Santa Ana Yesterday.....

The lenders are willing to drop the opening bids at auction, more than the bidders are willing to buy properties, it would seem.  The result is an ever-increasing inventory of REO's.  Here are two more deals waiting to be made in Orange County....

2BR/1BA home at 1617 S. Parton in Santa Ana...  $280,000.00 comp... went REO at only $187,260.00

1BR/1BA Condo at 2521 W. Sunflower #T3 in Santa Ana... $196,500.00 comp...  went REO at only $96,200.00

Make offers.... 


Investor's buy what works... and lenders are building an inventory you should watch...

Yesterday there were quite a few sales.  The lenders took back some at low prices that should have prompted bids.  These properties may not be your dream homes, but they could be part of your rental portfolio... that pays for your dreams to come true.  Make an offer on any of these REO's...

2BR/1BA Condo at 4700 Clair Del Ave. #500 in Long Beach..  Comps at $251,000.00.... Sold to lender at $87,065.00

2BR/1BA Starter Home at 8221 Wilbarn St. in Paramount..  Comps at $239,000.00... Sold to lender at $143,000.00

2BR/1BA Starter Home at 14403 S. Loness Ave. Comps at $199,000.00.... Sold to lender at $109,900.00

OC Condo's are more better than ever....

Just last Friday, buyers at the trustee's sales picked up some South County condo's at bargain prices...

8 Calle Estero in Rancho Santa Margarita sold for only $102,000.00.. Starting bid was only $59,000.00  

26537 Paseo Santa Clara #1 in San Juan Capistrano sold for $150,000.00 

Each day there is something to see, something to watch, and something to buy.  If you do not feel like bidding at the trustee's sales, you should at least be going to watch what happens.  We still see far more properties going to to sale at great discounts than we see bidders prepared to buy them.  The lenders need to sell.  If you don't know how it all works.. our seminars are FREE to our subscribers.  Come and ask questions. 

3 Properties you could have purchased yesterday... all are worth a look....

Yesterday, a beautiful dream home in San Juan Capistrano went to sale and no one came to the courthouse to become the new owner.  This one will amaze you.  4BR/2.5BA at 33606 Avenida Calita on a triple-size lot.  The comps on this one are around $988,000.00....   The opening bid was only 395,940.00...   And no one bid...  Call this lender!!!

Not everyone misses the deals though...  In LA County, lenders are taking properties to sale at prices that will leave you speechless...   Look at these two from yesterday's trustee's sales....

3BR/1BA House at 616 S. Pannes St. in Compton...  Comps at $250,000.00... Sold to someone like you for $102,100.00

2BR/1BA House at 1520 E. 87th Pl in LA...  Comps at $254,000.00...    Sold for just $68,000.00



Last week at the courthouse steps

Last week there were anumber of great purchases made at the Trustee's Sales.  Here are just a few of the smart buys...

4/13/09 2BR/1BA CONDO at 4201 W. 5th St. #231 in Santa Ana... $225,000.00 comp value, sold for $80,100.00

4/14/09 3BR/1.5BA CONDO at 26473 La Zanja St. #2B in San Juan Capistrano..  $355,000.00 comp, sold $132,900.00

4/14/09 Duplex at 801 E 23rd in Long Beach...  $307,500.00 comp, sold for $154,100.00

4/15/09 Mtn Home on Large Lot at 1308 Edna in Wrightwood... $234,5000.00 comp, sold for $51,800.01

4/15/09 New Desert Home at 27775 Avenida Quintana in Cathedral City.. $237,500.00 comp, sold $105,600.01

4/16/09 Huge lovely home on huge lot at 13725 Lakota Rd in Apple Valley.. $250,000.00 comp, sold $80,750.00 WOW!

4/16/09 3BR/2.5BA home at 33140 Evergreen st. in Lake Elsinore..  $145,500.00 comp, sold $68,000.00

4/16/09 Duplex at 204 W. Claude St. in Compton.. $352,000.00 comp, sold for $158,538.40

There are many other examples, every week day.  Have you been to the Courthouse steps, yet?

Great LA County Deals on 4-8-09

3BR/3BA Home near CSULB at 951 N Holly Glen Dr. in Long Beach..  $889,000 comp, sold for $522,600.00

4BR/2BA Home at 1783 Elkwood in Reseda... $326,000 comp, sold for $225,000.00

3BR/3BA Home at 8936 S Denker Ave. in Los Angeles...  $333,000 comp, sold for $178,100

LA County Great Deals on 4-7-09

3BR/1BA at 5048 Stratford Rd in LA...  $373,500 comp, sold for $177,550.00

3BR/2BA at 19353 Ingomar St. in Reseda... $360,000 comp, sold for $220,000.00

2BR/2BA Condo at 14551 Tupper #30 in Panorama City..  $174,500 comp, sold for $74,100.00

LA County great deals on 4-6-09

We like to show great dropped bids in the desert counties, because they are so obvious.  Some of you might think that means LA is not as exciting...  But it is!   Just look at these 3 purchases at the Trustee's Sale on Monday....

3R/1BA at 11209 S Harvard in LA...  $273,000 comp, sold for only $133,200.00

1BR/1BA Harbor Condo at 7128 S. Marina Pacifica Dr. #164 in Long Beach..  $289,000 comp, sold for $142,700.00

4BR/2BA at 9443 Aero Dr. in Pico Rivera.. $328,000 comp, sold for $203,000.00

April Fools!!!! Look at what folks got at some of Wednesday's Trustee's Sales.....

2BR/2BA at 5092 Jurupa Ave. in Riverside...  $196,000 comp value...  Sold for $60,500.00

3BR/2.5BA at 350 Ave. 4 in Lake Elsinore...  $160,000 comp value... Sold for $57,700.00

3BR/2BA at 7685 Oxford Ave. in Hesperia...  $152,500 comp value... Sold for $59,200.01

4BR/2BA at 45516 N. Gadsen Ave in Lancaster...    $189,000 comp value... Sold for $37,300.00  Yikes!!!

3BR/2BA at 44637 Cerisa St. in Lancaster...  $174,500 comp value...  Sold for $79,600.00

These numbers are not a joke!!!!   You would be best served by checking our REO and 3rd party sales results and make plans to bid at upcoming sales.  Always double-check your loan data and drive by the property before bidding at a trustee sale.  Call if you have questions...


Just to prove a point.........

Often, we tend to talk ourselves out of an idea because we are overly cynical.  In this period of "economic uncertainty", we find that some subscribers seem to feel that the number of deals at the auction are limited, and are being fought over by the supposed "professionals" who, according to an urban myth, are buying up all the good deals.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, we posted a few great deals at the monday trustee's sales that were bought by individuals in yesterday's blog.  So today we wanted to show some monday deals that no one bid on.  These went REO for no reason other than you were not there to buy them...

4BR/2BA at 4017 E. Sunny Dunes Road in Palm Springs... Comp value of $337,500...   REO at $125,800.00

3BR/1BA at 9215 53rd st in Riverside... Comp'd at $195,000... REO at $75,213.00

4BR/2BA at 2731 College Dr. in Rialto... Comp Value of $197,500... REO at $92,907.00

3BR/1BA at 7750 Blanchard Ave. in Fontana... Comp of $168,000...  REO at $77,380.00

2BR/3BA on HUGE LOT at 8775 California Ave. in Joshua Tree... Comp of $357,000... REO at $95,932.06

3BR/1BA at 238 Mulvihill in Redlands.. Comp af $182,500... REO at $88,800.00



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