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LA County Deals from Yesterday......

Duplex at 1053 Mahanna Ave. in Long Beach...  $284,000.00 Value....   Sold for $136,000.00!!!

2BR/1BA on large lot at 40346 N. 165th St. E in Palmdale...   $144,000.00 Value...  Sold for $34,875.01!!!

2BR/3BA newer condo at 2240 N. Legion Dr. #204 in Signal Hill...  $313,500.00 Value...  Sold for $145,000.00!!!

Better than half off!!!!

San Diego under $100,000.00??? Yes, You Can!!!

Yesterday the auctions had a great many more opportunities than were actually picked up, but here are a few that were bought for under $100,000.00 in San Diego County.

4BR/3BA at 760 E. Washington Ave. in Escondido...  $308,500.00 Value..  Sold for $97,575.01!!!

2BR/1BA Condo at 6602 Omega Dr. in San Diego...  $132,000.00 Value...  Sold for $55, 250.01!!!

3BR/2BA at 6731 Broadway in San Diego...  $241,000.00 Value...  Sold for $93,100.00!!!

You can do this.......

What did you do on Tuesday? You could have saved over $100,000.00!!!

Every week day we see the evidence that there is intelligent life in the Universe.  Just yesterday, look at how much these folks saved just by going to the courthouse... 

3BR/2BA at 23567 Los Adornos in Laguna Hills...  $286,500.00 Value..     Bought for just $145, 587.60!!!

3BR/1.5BA at 187 N. Little Main St. in Orange...  $426,500.00 Value...  Bought for just $242,638.50!!!

3BR/1.5BA at 619 N. Buttonwood St. in Anaheim...  $375,500.00 Value...   Bought for just $244,300.00!!!

There are many other examples in all counties.  In many cases, the auctions are opening well under $100,000.00!!!

Call for a FREE TOUR of our website if you have not already subscribed with us....

Memorial Day calls up memories of many who are no longer with us.

As I review properties each day, I can't help but be moved as I look at the maps of places I have been.  Many wonderful people have been a part of my life.  Many have made my life possible through sacrifices and a dedication to do what is right.  As I look over maps and the views from overhead, I see the places I have known, and I think about the kind people who I knew there.  I picture my Uncle, my Father, my Grandparents, and Teachers and Friends who shaped my thoughts for the rest of my life.  And the thoughts I have are genuine and fulfilling. 

On a similar note...  prices at some of the sales are stirring memories of the past as well.

Look at these three homes from Friday's trustee's sales...

3BR/2.5BA at 82376 Adobe Rd in Indio...  $173,000.00 Value..   Sold REO for $54,900.00!!!

4BR/2BA at 13260 Moreno Way in Moreno Valley...  $149,500.00 Value...  Sold REO for $55,631.82!!!

3BR/2BA at 3567 N. Eastgate Rd in Palm Springs...  $310,500.00 Value...  Sold REO for $47,207.00!!! Big Wow!!!

Remember those who have passed.  Pass on what they taught you.


Wow!!!!! I mean... Wow!!!

Yesterday, at the courthouse steps, a bidder bought a 4-Plex in Lancaster at 44819 N. Trevor Ave. for ...  just $76,500.01!!!  That is under $20,000.00 per door!!!!  And a $247,000.00 Value!!!

Other deals included:

2BR/1BA at 68 E 56th st in Long Beach sold for $123,250.00!!!  A $253,500.00 Value!!!

2BR/1BA at 418 W. Peach St. in Compton sold for $84,000.01!!!  A $192,500.00 Value!!!

Did I say .... WOW???!!!

Riverside County Bargain Sales from Yesterday....

4BR/2BA at 6740 Coloma Way in Riverside....  $227,000.00 Value...  Sold for $112,000.00!!!

3BR/2.5BA at 5936 Fuller Ct in Riverside....   $196,000.00 Value...  Sold for $94,188.51!!!

6BR/4.5BA at 3371 Crestview Dr. in Norco....  $510.500.00 Value...  Sold for $327,600.00!!!

These bidders saved well over $100,000.00 on each purchase, creating instant equity at the time of the purchase.  When you are using the CRR General Property Search Software, which is built into our website, you can review these properties each and every day.   You will find that the lenders have taken back far too many properties, but there are still plenty of properties on their way to the sale.  Go to the sales.....

Riverside County Sales... 3 Bargains from Yesterday's Sales...

Look at these smart buys made by bidders at yesterday's sales....

3BR/1BA at 815 S Lincoln Ave. in Corona...  $193,000.00 Value...  Sold for $91,201.29!!!

3BR/2BA at 66150 Avenida Ladera in Desert Hot Springs...  $161,500.00 Value...   Sold for $75,000.01!!!

2BR/1BA at 607E. Devonshire Ave. in Hemet...  $95,500.00 Value...   Sold for $36,000.01!!!

Look for more bargains every week day!!!! 

Save more than $100,000.00 by buying at the Trustee's Sales...

Yesterday, the lenders continued discounting the opening bids at auctions in Southern California...

2BR/1BA at 2014 S Oak St in Santa Ana...  $272,500.00 Value..  Sold for $130,100.00!!!

4BR/ 2.5BA at 4582 Maroon Dr. in La Palma ...  $628,500.00 Value...  Sold for $447,301.90!!!

$100,000.00 below market price on Orange County Properties....

There are consistant patterns to the foreclosure sales.  You can save over $100,000.00 from the market price almost everywhere in SoCal...  Look at these 2 OC properties bought by bidders just last Friday...

3BR/2BA at 1332 N Columbine Pl in Anaheim...  $350,000.00 Value...      Sold for $228,400.00!!!

4BR/2.5BA at 608 S. Mancos Pl in Anaheim...  $464,500.00 Value...  Sold for $324,600.00!!!


$100,000.00 below market price on Orange County Properties....

There are consistant patterns to the foreclosure sales.  You can save over $100,000.00 from the market price almost everywhere in SoCal...  Look at these 2 OC properties bought by bidders just last Friday...

3BR/2BA at 1332 N Columbine Pl in Anaheim...  $350,000.00 Value...      Sold for $228,400.00!!!

4BR/2.5BA at 608 S. Mancos Pl in Anaheim...  $464,500.00 Value...  Sold for $324,600.00!!!


GM's Loss is Your Gain!!!!! Look at these dropped bids on GMAC Loans!!! Bought by Bidders!!!

This is our 2nd blog entry today.  We want to highlight what GMAC is up to....  or down to....

Newer 3BR/3BA on a Corner lot at 42217 Whisper Rock St. in Indio...  $230,000.00 Value.. Sold for $98,100.00!!!

New 5BR/3BA on a Corner lot at 1896 Spring White Rd in Hemet... $227,000.00 Value... Sold for $121,500.00!!!

4BR/2BA at 1332 Mount Baldy St. in Perris...  $176,000.00 Value... Sold for $79,300.00!!!

3BR/1BA at 18364 8th Street in Bloomington... $177,500.00 Value...  Sold for $40,376.12!!!

GMAC is not the only lender discounting either.....

Another lender made this incredible bargain available....

2BR/2BA Condo at 16770 San Bernardino Ave. #11A in Fontana... $135,759.00 was owed.  Sold for $21,717.97!!!

How much money can you save with County Records Research???

Look at these auction purchases from yesterday.  Did you know that for every house bought at auction there are dozens that go back to the bank because there are no bidders?  Look at what you are missing....

Duplex at 6030 10th Ave. in Los Angeles...   $325,500.00 Value...   Bought for $126,200.00!!!

2BR/1BA at 424 W. 62nd St. in Los Angeles...  $312,000.00 Value...  Bought for $72,447.05!!!

3BR/3BA at 335 E. Woodlark St. in Lancaster... $128,000.00 Value...  Bought for $47,100.00!!!

3BR/1BA at 38464 30th St. E in Palmdale...  $163,000.00 Value...  Bought for $38,080.24!!!

3BR/2BA at 29345 Edgewood Rd in San Juan Capistrano...  $337,500.00 Value...  Bought for $189,32.00!!!

3BR/2BA at 8811 Buckeye Dr. in Fontana...  $176,500.00 Value...  Bought for 72,700.00!!!

These are just a few examples....


Wednesday's aren't just for golf..... here are FOUR great DEALS that YOU could have had....

3BR/2BA at 43864 N. Fig in Lancaster...  $152,000.00 Value...   bought for $46,100.00!!!

3BR/2BA at 43325 6th St. E in Lancaster... $169,000.00 Value...   bought for $55,072.69!!!

Duplex at 2018 3rd Ave. in Los Angeles...  $435,500.00 Value...  bought for $159,250.00!!!

HUGE 4BR/2BA on HUGE LOT at 644 W. Kansas Ave. in Placentia... $348,500.00 Value...  bought for $143,404.30!!!

Taco Tuesdays?? You can afford alot of tacos with deals like this.....

These homes were purchased at the courthouse steps just yesterday...

2BR/1BA at 1454 W 58th Pl in Los Angeles...  $289,500.00 Value...  $75,100.00  WOW!!!

3BR/1.5BA at 11246 Parkside in Garden Grove...   $232,000.00 Value...  $107,000.00 WOW!!!

3BR/2.5BA at 15053 Franquette St. in Lake Elsinore...  $173,000.00 Value...  $62,749.82 WOW!!!

3BR/2BA at 13254 Ramona Dr. in Desert Hot Springs...  $139,500.00 Value... $45,100.00 WOW!!!

3BR/2BA at 1637 Brentwood Dr. in Corona...  $256,000.00 Value...  $152,700.00 WOW!!!

Tell me why I don't like mondays... 4 people obviously do....

3BR/1BA Home at 12303 E. 221st St. in Hawiian Gardens.  $286,000.00 Value...  Sold for $113,052.90!!!

2BR/1BA Home at 13270 Kelowna St. in Pacoima.  $274,000.00 Value...  Sold for $98,696.93!!!

3BR/2.5 45824 Coco Palm Dr. in Indio.  $176,500.00 Value...  Sold for $64,090.21!!!

3BR/2BA 8811 Buckeye Dr. in Fontana.  $178,000.00 Value...  Sold for $72,700.00!!!

OK, I guess mondays aren't so bad after all....

I Love LA!!! If you think bargains only happen in the middle of nowhere... Look at these 5 LA auction purchases from 5/8!

3BR/1BA Home at Eisenhower Ave. in Arcadia...  $408,000.00 Value...  Bought for only $275,500.00!!!

3BR/4BA Home at 2673 Hacienda Dr. in Duarte... $327,000.00 Value... Bought for only $212,835.50!!!

4BR/2BA Home at 28225 Hot Springs Ave. in Santa Clarita... $306,500.00 Value...  Bought for only $165,000.00!!!

2BR/2BA Condo at 2554 Olive Dr. #74 in Palmdale...  $128,000.00 Value...  Bought for $28,500.01...  WOW!!! !!!!!!

4BR/3BA Home at 5139 Karling Pl in Palmdale...  $187,000.00 Value...  Bought for $83,833.32!!!

OC Homes at $100k bought under market value at yesterday's trustee's sales

3BR/1BA at 12952 Twintree Lane in Garden Grove...  $339,500.00 value... bought for $207,000.00!!!

3BR/2.5BA at 5544 E Vista Del Este in Anaheim... $369,500.00 value...  bought for $243,500.00!!!

3BR/2BA at 9331 Central Ave in Garden Grove...  $447,500.00 value...  bought for $350,200.00!!!

4 REO's and a 3rd Party Sale... More deals below $100,000.00!!!

Yesterday there were plenty of sales, and plenty of great deals to be had.  Here are 4 properties that went back to the lender and one that a smart bidder picked up on 5-6-09.

REO:  3BR/2BA at 83766 Hopi Ave. in Indio went REO for just $64,556.60!!!    A $165,500.00 Value!!!

REO:  3BR/2BA at 3725 Santa Cruz Ct. in Hemet went REO for just $92,835.25!!!  A $175,500.00 Value!!!

REO:  4BR/2BA at 3757 El Dorado Blvd in Palm Springs went REO for $86,188.60!!!  A $296,500.00 Value!!!

REO: Unique cottage, huge garden lot at 1113 Garretson Ave. in Corona went REO for $76,500.00!!!  $186,500.00 Value!!!

3rd Party: 4BR/2.5BA at 3210 Ruth Ann Dr. in Riverside sold for just $72,440.01!!!  A $204,000.00 Value!!!!


Save money the Trustee Sale Way... and never pay retail again!!!

On Cinco De Mayo, the lenders didn't take a holiday.  Instead, they took back more properties because there were not enough bidders to swallow up the outstanding deals....  Just look at how much you could have saved on these three homes in Orange County.....

An Estate-sized Family Home on a secluded corner of Orange County at 10 Night Sky in Newport Coast was valued at $4,235,500.00, with loans in excess of $7 Million.  The price at auction was only $2,426,678.00.  It is now an REO!!!

A large 4BR/2.5BA Family Home at 1817 E. Cypress St. in Anaheim was valued at $289,500.00, which is already a very low price for a nice home near Disneyland.  It went to auction at only $182,802.00.  It is now an REO!!!

A 2BR/1BA Home at 1133 W. Cubbon St. in Santa Ana was valued at $427,000.00.  The auction price was only $210,000.00.  It is now an REO!!!

If you are waiting for the market to hit a bottom....   know that no one knows what the bottom looks like until it's over.  Is it going to be a shallow bottom?  We think so.  Which means the time to buy is already here.  A buy and hold strategy is looking like the best and smartest way to create your long-term portfolio.  Even if prices take another fall, you will be fine if you buy wisely.  Always find a bargain, and you will be ready to weather anything.  If the market swings back up, you will be even better off.  Want to know more?   Come to our next seminar and ask Kurt or Ward your questions...

Under $100,000.00... I like the sound of that....

Yesterday, may 4, 2009, the lenders were reducing bids on one home after another.  Here are 4 that went back to the bank at under $100,000.00...

2BR/1BA Classic Cottage Home at 303 E 9th St. in Long Beach...  Comps at $217,500.00...  Sold for just $99,000.00.

4BR/2.5BA Family Home at 5485 Wayman St. in Riverside...  Comps at $162,000.00...  Sold for just $94,980.00

4BR/2BA Family Home at 3801 Palm Dr. in Banning...  Comps at $154,500.00... Sold for just $93,750.00

3BR/2BA Desert Home at 16840 Avenida Rambla in Desert Hot Springs... Comps at $138,000.00.. Sold: $78,032.70

The original loans and the estimated minimum bids were much higher.  These sold amounts indicate the opening bids made by the foreclosing lender.  If no one bids.. the bank "buys" the house.

4 Great Buys on the First of May....

A number of bidders found deals on the courthouse steps on Friday.  We want to show you just a few...

1BR/1BA cottage home at 1248 W Century Blvd in LA...  Comp was $277,500.00  Sold for just $76,500.01!!!

4BR/2BA home at 16043 Sigman St. in Hacienda Hts... Comp was $313,500.00  Sold for $198,100.00!!

3BR/2.5BA home at 157 Sulgrave Dr. in Hemet...  Comp was $184,000.00 Sold for $80,200.00!!!

3BR/3BA home at 7755 Eugenia Dr. in Fontana... Comp was $213,500.00  Sold for $113,314.50!!

These are just a sampling of the sales from Friday....

Many others went back to the bank as REO's because so few bidders were present at the Trustee's Sales.

Every week the lenders are dropping their prices, and every week there are bargains just like these!!!


Just a little place you can call your own....

How about a 2BR/1BA Condo in Indio for $37,000.00?  Went REO yesterday. The comp was $146,000.00!!!

No? How about a 3BR/2BA home in Thousand Palms? $70,300.00!!!  The comp was $159,000.00!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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