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Nothing to Fear but a Lack of Options

Every time the dynamics of the Real Estate Market change, some people gain ground, others lose ground, and still others make a decision to alter their methods and break free of their pre-concieved notions.  These are the innovators and doers who are constantly trying something a little different, based upon their own previous successes, but with a flavor of ingenuity that really shows their abilty to think along a different path.

We encourage all of you to test our website and yourselves as the new parameters of the market fall into place.  Rising interest rates are just a piece of the puzzle.  If your clients have cash in stocks then they could pull that out and buy Real Estate before the stock market has a correction that could leave them damaged.  If your clients have great credit they can get in on great cash deals at auction and use their cash a second time to make sure they still have a great loan package if they want to finance later, or they can just make offers to the cash investors who buy at auction. 

The number of foreclosures will be increasing over the coming months, as those who do not qualify for modifications or who failed to keep the terms of modifications they did qualify for will finally have to admit that they overbought.  They will end up being what some are calling the last wave of the foreclosure tsunami.  They will bring with them a host of investment opportunities if you are willing to look at your options.  The time to prospect these NOD's is back, and with a vengence.  Good Luck. 

Homeowners' Bill of Rights Enacted in Nevada

This just goes to show you that what happens in California does not stay in California. 

Effective October 1, 2013 new Notices of  Default or Sale recorded in Nevada are subject to similar restrictions that have been in place in California since January 1,2013.  The law is supposed to exempt smaller lenders, but also seems to have a provision to exempt large lenders, so the questions is...will it affect the long term foreclosure rate in Nevada?  Maybe, but maybe not.  What means more is what will happen in the short term.  The California Law was a wet blanket that lasted for almost 9 months after it was signed.  Tthe Nevada Law may have the same effect.

That means that California, which has had 9 months to digest its new law and is seeing a steady increase in foreclosure starts is going to become the go-to place for western real-estate investment.  You will have far more opportunity to buy and sell in California, where the rules are known and the volume is on the upswing.  It also means that Dollars will be circulating here rather than there.  So just as California Casinos are pulling cash that would have gone to Nevada back into the state, our foreclosures will do the same.  So look forward to some good times and get your plan together.  Be ready to win at the biggest game in town. The time to buy is now.

Swim with the Tide....

If you have not already heard... the tide of foreclosures is coming in again.   The months of delays have created a huge backlog among lenders and now that values are high and the Fed is considering pulling back on QE, there is a pressure on the lenders to take these properties to sale.   The threat of increased intereste rates is also prompting an uptick in defaults by those still stuck with adjustable paper.  So start shopping and have a plan.  Fortune favors the Bold!

Now is the Time... To Take the Road Less Traveled

If you are considering getting into Real Estate for Investment or for your own personal use...  Consider that the time is now to take the Road less Traveled.  There are thousands of potential homebuyers who are following the old school path of going through a realtor and making offers on existing listings.  You may know some of these folks or you may be among them banging your head against the wall and being told that you have to raise your offer higher and higher if you want a shot at the Brass Ring.  If you are also hearing the rumors of interest rate increases on the horizon, then you may be feeling an added sense of urgency, like the music might stop and there won't be a chair for you.  ...But what if there is another way to do this?

What if you can find properties that most realtors don't have at their fingertips because there is no listing?  What if you can make offers BEFORE the listing is published?  What if you can find those properties where the owner is teetering on the edge financially and they have no way out other than to sell the property that is dragging at them like the anchor of a great ship. And what if you can call someone for advice and get a straight answer because they know how things work and they want you to know what they know? 

County Records Research has the information on properties that are not yet listed but are all in line to get there due to the fact that the owners are not making payments.  There are a number of ways to buy these properties and often you can determine your best path by looking at the loans that are on the property and considering the situation.  Sometimes one path is better than another, and often you have several good paths to follow.  The point is that you should give yourself options that you would otherwise never have.  That is what we do here.  We teach you to give yourself options.


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