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Find Nearby Foreclosures with the New County Records Research Mobile App for Smart-Phones!!!

The tools for researching foreclosures are always improving.  You used to have to make phone calls to get caught up on auction dates.  Today we pick up the Postponements and Drop Bids for you.  You used to have to drive to every property before you could make a decision, now you have maps and photos to consider first.  Now with the new CRR Foreclosures Nearby Mobile APP you can drive through a target area and see what is in default just by choosing the nearby option and clicking on "Search".   What could be better???  Well...  just wait and see.  

Try our New County Records Research Mobile App on your Smart Phone!!!

Attention All Foreclosure Researchers......

You now have a CRR Mobile App for your Smart Phone.  Try the "Nearby" function and see what is near you wherever you are.  This exciting new application software makes our famous easy-to-use website even easier.  Now you can be in the know when you are on the road.  Just select the mobile app option when you log in with your phone or tablet and you will have the best data in the state in a fun and easy to use package.   You still have our great website with daily updates and LIVE CONSULTANTS to answer your questions.

Now you can research your properties on the go and even at the trustee's sales with your WIFI provider.  Do you want more?  Use our Saved Properties and Saved Searches features on the website to get updates day after day after day.  Let our website be your personal assistant and save you time.

If you had a Crystal Ball to tell the Future of Foreclosures...

We are predicting an overall increase in foreclosures this summer.  We are already seeing increases in new foreclosures (properties never before in foreclosure).

We are seeing more Reverse-Mortgage foreclosures every day, which present great opportunities to buy from families who need cash to settle their financial needs.

We know how to spot these, and we can teach you what to look for on our website.

With interest rates low and values up, this is the perfect time to flip houses. 

The lenders will be pushing delinquent properties to auction this summer with discounts to attract cash buyers.

Also, the "modifications" have a failure rate of around 80%, and these are now showing up as default notices every day,

That means that the borrowers who got them are coming back into foreclosure and the lenders are unwilling to give them more time or another modification.  

These properties have a long history, and our website has that history, as far back as 2008.

We can teach you how to research that history on our website.

Note that the underlying problem, that many people just can't afford the loans they have, has not changed at all in the last 6 years.

Over 70% of the population has been just getting by, paycheck to paycheck, and if we have another negative GDP quarter like we did in Q1 we will be in a recession.

All it takes is one family financial crisis event to tip a property on the edge into default. This can be an automobile accident, a lost job, or a medical crisis.

Families run into crisis events all the time, but today they just don't have the credit, spendable equity, or cash available to get through it like they could 10 years ago. 

Many will simply have to give up their properties and go back to renting.  This will add a whole new group to the foreclosure lists.

Someone will need to buy that property and someone will be a landlord to that rental tenant.

This should create a perfect storm for investors this summer, with opportunities to make offers, buy notes, and bid at auction.

Our clients are getting deals a variety of ways, many are just making offers, and it will only get better for investors as the weeks go by.

You should know that timing is important, and we are looking at a very important time to invest where everything is coming together this summer.

No one knows the foreclosure market segment like Kurt does.

If you want to be ready to strike while the iron is hot, he can answer that need.

You should be excited about what is to come, and we can help you stay excited!

Can't find a good deal on Real Estate these days? Call the Waaaaahhhhmbulance.....

Sorry folks.  There is simply no excuse to not find a good deal. It is like walking through an orange grove and complaining about the lack of juice.  It is right there people.  You just have to get out of your comfort zone.

Just look at a few of the deals bought at auction this week...

3BR/2BA Home on Mountain View St in Altadena sold for $345,000.00 Est Value: $459,921

3BR/1BA Home on Bella Vista Ave in Pasadena sold for $555,000 Est Value: $750,376

3BR/2BA Home on Jody Cir in Westminster sold for $472,200 Est Value: $581,512

3BR/3BA Home on Melrose Dr in Mission Viejo sold for $463,000 Est Value: $575,394

3BR/2.5BA Home on Saint John in Dana point sold for $675,000 Est Value: $839,000

You want to spend less?  Look for our next post...

Are you getting the tools you need? Or are you lost in a Big Box website looking for the exit?

The world is full of half-solutions and half-measures.  There are places where you can get a list of foreclosures and maybe a tiny bit of information from someone if you ask around in a chat room.  But that is like someone handing you a bucket on the Titanic.  Its too little and too late.  I have looked in on those chats. Sad. What is difficult is mastering the art of what to do with a list of foreclosures once you get it.  Imagine going into a Big Box store for a drywall hammer and nails and walking out knowing how to hang sheetrock like a Pro.  It is not going to happen.  You need to learn how to handle the materials AND the tools.  And you need to know how to tell if a drywall repair is going to fix the problem.  The fact is that you won't figure that out with a Big Box store.  And you also won't figure that out if you are just another user of a Big Box website.  What you need in either situation is to talk to the people that actually use the materials and the tools.  Become an apprentice.  That is the Ticket to Success! 

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