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Make Offers and Create a Win/Win situation for both You and the Borrower!

The hardest thing for new subscribers to do is to create new habits.   We have to focus on getting results if we want to make a success of buying foreclosures.  We need to make a solid plan to research properties and make offers on a regular basis.  I use the analogy of going to the dance.  A wallflower is a person who does not ask others to dance.  They are "SHY". They don't dance!

Don't be "SHY" about buying property and making money.  Be assertive.  You should go out and make as many offers as time permits... if you really want to buy property.  The more offers you make, the more properties you will buy.  It is that simple.

Look at this example: A home on Chadsey Dr in Whittier is set for auction tomorrow in LA County. Est Value is $403,818.00.  Amount owed is $163,542.00.  It is set for auction tomorrow.  However it was recently listed and the listing was just pulled just last week.  My guess is that the borrowers listed the home and they got an offer and said yes.  Let's see if the sale gets cancelled.  If it does then someone just landed a deal by making offers.  Just that easy.  Had you made that offer this would be your deal.  Take this example to heart.  Everybody wins!


Let Kurt DeMeire emPower you to Retire Comfortably...

Kurt will be in El Cajon tomorrow morning to host a Foreclosure Field Trip.  He will be there from 8:30am to 10:30am.  The address is 250 E Main Street.  These events are for your education.  This is your chance to witness actual Trustees' Sales.  It is a chance to get your questions answered by a true expert in the field in both foreclosure processing and property investment.  Kurt welcomes your questions and he makes himself available for you because he wants you to have the opportunity that he has had to create an ongoing income that works for him 24/7.  He knows that you are just getting started, but he also knows that this is one of the best times in recent history to create an income with Real Estate.

Meet Kurt at any event and you will learn something new about investing.  Most investors remark on the fact that he is so well informed that they always learn something they did not know.  His broad experience in Investment and Property Ownership gives him a unique set of tools to work with.  He knows how to look at opportunities and he knows how to weigh the best time to go after a particular property.  He did not learn these methods overnight, and no one else did either.  You have to subscribe to the website and work with the data.  It is the combination of Daily Research and Applying Principals of Basic Offer-Writing and Project Management that makes an Investor. 

Be that Investor!  Attend Kurt's Presentations! Learn as Much as You Can!  You Can Do This!


The Deals are Coming in Every Day... Are you Researching Every Day?

We find only what we are looking for these days.  There are many opportunities but only for those who look.

Here are 3 examples of purchases made in Riverside County at the Trustee's Sales Auction.

4BR/3BA Home on Pepperleaf St in Murrieta sold Today for $348,000 Est Value: $428,366!

5BR/2BA Home on Lindsay St in Riverside sold Yesterday for $249,517.51 Est Value: $324,397!

Two houses on one large lot on Wood Rd in Riverside sold last Friday for $300,000 Est Value: $401,028!

Did you make offers on any of these?  Did you see if you could buy one without resorting to cash at auction?

Challenge yourself and you will rise to meet the challenge!

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