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Drop those bids.....

Take a look at some of today's many dropped bids:

Duplex on 94th St E in Littlerock...Est Value:  $128,400.00  Opening Bid:  $27,500.00    Bank is owed $91,868.00

Duplex on W. 67th St in Los Angeles.. Est Value:  $361,000.00  Opening Bid:  $95,000.00  Bank owed $421,237.00

See our page on for more info and examples.  And please "Like" our page.

More Deals Today. Look at what you could have done....

Duplex at 8613 Grape St. in Los Angeles ....

Zestimate:  $392,100.00   Sold:  $183,000.00  !!!

3BR/1.5BA Home at 429 S. Lemon St. in Orange....

Zestimate:  $482,900.00  Sold:  $292,500.00   !!!

Check Your Trustee's Sales Notices for New Locations, And look for New Notices on Old Files.

The Times They are a Changing....

If you go to your Property Search Screen, you will find there are new sale locations in your drop-down menu.

You will also see some of the old locations removed as time goes by.

These are adjustments we are making as the courthouses phase out as sale locations.

The new locations and new NTS filings also are adding a different wrinkle.

You will see new notices of trustee sale come out as trustees move the sales to new locations on existing


We are also seeing more republishing than in previous years due to sales being contested and trustees having to

cancel sales and file a new NTS under the same file number in response to legal proceedings and files going beyond

one year from the original sale date.

Such changes are making it difficult to track a sale, especially as the websites who carry information can often feature

the results of the old sale as well as the new sale information.  If these records contain the same APN and TS Number,

It can create confusion.  We often see two records for the same sale on the posting sites when this happens.

Our tip is this:  Look at the most recent documents.  Every profile has an added or listed date, which refers to the date it was posted on our website.  This is BIG.  Refer to the most recent NTS ONLY.  It will have the current info. on the sale date and location.  If for any reason it appears that the sale date has not yet passed, but we are showning a SOLD or SOLD TO BENEFICIARY or CANCELLED status, call us.  We are scrubbing our data for these anomalies by removing the older record, but it is possible to miss some, as we have so many these days. 

We will review and correct the record upon request if we have not done so already.

Please keep us informed if you hear of any additional changes.  And we will do the same for you.


It's a Great Day!

Yesterday, We helped a subscriber get over $300,000.00 in Instant Equity with our Data and our Bidding Service.

In addition, smart investors bought a number of properties with significant savings.

Here are two examples:

A Lovely 100 Year New 3BR/2BA Home on E. Rio Grande St. in Pasadena

Zestimate:  $651,600.00  Bank Owed:  $797,985.00  Sold:  $382,500.00   !!!

A Convenient 2BR/2BA Resort Condo well located on Golf Club Dr #30 in Palm Springs

Zestimate:  $142,900.00  Bank Owed:  $153,533.00   Sold:  $53,500.00   !!!

Great Deals Today...

There were a number of outstanding purchases today.

The most impressive was one made by our client, who bought a Tri-Plex using our Trustee Sale Bidding Service.

See you email inbox for more info about this great deal.

Other deals included a Duplex on Short Street in Inglewood, ansd a Duplex in Laguna Beach.

Please visit us at to see the details.



3 Great Deals from Yesterday....

3BR/2.5BA Home at 1538 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd. in Orange...

Est Bid:  $641,080.00 Est Value:  $602,400.00  Sold:  $445,255.20   !!!

4BR/2BA Home at 18252 Wellington Ave. in Tustin...

Est Bid:  $492,578.00  Est Value:  $546,200.00  Sold:  $446,028.01   !!!

3BR/3BA Golf Course Home at 26511 Lucinda in Mission Viejo...

Est Bid:  $501,245.00  Est Value:  $444,60.00  Sold:  $331,200.00   !!!

Do you know that the auctions will be moving?

We are currently adding new sale locations, as www.Auction.Com is now holding Trustee's Sales.

More importantly, the public locations where auctions have been held for decades are becoming off limits.

The reasons for this are varied, but it is part of a concerted movement to move the auctions to private locations.

As these changes occur we will keep you posted.  The sales will continue, and the bargains are excellent.

Examples from today:

Duplex at 5408 S. Manhattan Pl in Los Angeles

Est Value:  $522,400.00  Est Bid:  $675,422.00 Opening Bid:  $188,000.00  Sold:  $188,000.01  !!!

3BR/2BA Home at 16592 Batson Rd in Victorville

Est value:  $65,800.00  Est Bid:  $110,873.00  Opening Bid:  $27,216.29   Sold:  $34,100.00   !!!

This may be the One.... Always expect dropped bids, and grab them when you can.

We must always keep our eyes open to see the opportunities as they arise.

Today at the Trustee's Sale, a 4BR/3BA Cute Large Pool Home at 23540 Cherry St. in Newhall.

Est Value:  $456,300.00  Est Bid: $826,582.00 

Dropped bid:  $312,936.00   !!!

What Not to do... Don't try this at home... An example of a bad purchase....

Yesterday at the Trustee Sale in Norwalk...

A 1BR/2BA CONDO at 5447 Zelzah Ave. #108 in Encino.....

Est Value:  $218,100.00 

Opening Bid:  $7,255.85 

Sold:  $7,255.86

Sounds like a sweet deal doesn't it?

But wait.  There's more.

This was an HOA lien from 2/32011 that foreclosed.  This was not a loan. 

Our profile for this property shows two loans that are "Senior", which means older than the lien.

The loans are from 9/28/2005.   And they were not wiped out by the foreclosure.

 A First TD for $268,000.00, plus a Second TD for $33,500.00 add up to $301,500.00 in Senior Loans.

The new owner is upside-down and must make payments or lose the property to foreclosure.

Always know your property, and always ask questions before you buy.

A wise investor would not spend more that $125,000.00 on such a property.


Success is Something you Share....

A Multi-Unit Property at 1339 Peach Ave in El Cajon was purchased yesteray by one of our subscribers...

Est Bid:  $754,648.00  Opening Bid:  $280,000.00  Sold: $280,000.01  !!!!        Wow!!!

More deals yesterday at the Trustee Sales...

2BR/1BA Home at 15230 Willard St. in Panorama City....

Est Value:  $246,800.00  Est Bid:  $319,535.00  Sold:  $136,500.01   !!!

3BR/1BA Home at 5344 10th Ave in Los Angeles...

Est Value:  $324,400.00  Est Bid:  $351,629.00  Sold:  $192,500.00   !!!

News for Today.... San Diego Sales will be moving Sept 1.. But Where to????

See Sign On San Diego, published today, 7-11-11....  Read an Article by Lily Leung entitled...

"Foreclosure Auctions Banned from Courthouse Steps"

Here are a few comments from us, but you should read her article and make your own opinion.

These are not direct quotes, but a response to the article itself: 

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department is the latest local government entity to deem Foreclosure Auctions a nuisance on their watch.  They have pushed for and gotten a ban from Superior Court Judge Kevin A. Enright on Trustee's Sales on the San Diego Courthouse grounds.  In our opinion, this is not an effort to stop the auction process in San Diego County, it is an effort to save nominal budget costs and compel the lenders to provide their own security.

As the article states, Riverside and Los Angeles County Employees have already forced the Trustees attempting to hold lawful sales in their jurisdictions to move to alternate locations.  While this demonstrates a concerted effort by the public employees in the state to cut their excess workloads and stop providing security for the sales at public facilities,  it will not stop the sales themselves. 

What we are likely to see are more independent auction venues, like we see from companies like .

If that is the case, costs related to security may end up being added to the cost of a foreclosure, as it is the county government which is now creating this additional cost for lenders.  We are also likely to see efforts by counties and cities to charge for permits and fees for these independent venues as their inability to fix their broken budgets becomes more pronounced.    We will be watching these changes closely.  It is clearly a work in progress.

We just have to share this one..... CRR's Trustee Sale Bidding Service Wins Again....

CRR's Trustee Sale Bidding Service bought our client a 3BR/2BA Home at 7307 Tyrone Ave. in Van Nuys TODAY.

Est Value: $319,700.00 Est Bid: 471,696.00 Opening Bid: $186,110.10

Sold: $186,110.11

That is Great Work, and the buyer was able to manage her bids from her desktop.

She set her max bid, and waited for the good news.

Don't put off the opportunity to do your best work with our service.  Let us help  you now.

Foreclosures arent just in the Desert.. LA's Best Properties are in Foreclosure

Just Yesterday at the Trustee's Sales....

3BR/4BA 2 Story Home on Corner Lot at 4907 Kester Ave. in Sherman Oaks...

Value:  $641,800.00  Est Bid:  $309,308.00  Sold:  $350,000.00   !!!

TriPlex at 132 E. 84th St. in Los Angeles....

Value:  $545,900.00  Est Bid: $476,375.00 Sold:  $139,500.00   !!!!  WOW !!!

FourPlex by USC in West Los Angeles at 3120 San Marino St. ...

Value:  $737,000.00  Est Bid:  $739,455.00  Sold:  $405,200.00   !!!!!  WOW !!!


More Great Buys... Just Yesterday...

4BR/3BA Home on Big Land at 20666 Sitting Bull Road in Apple Valley...

Value:  $103,100.00  Est Bid:  $137,611.00  Opening Bid:  $69,000.00  Sold:  $69,000.01  !!!

5BR/3BA Large Newer Home at 709 E. Agape Ave in San Jacinto...

Value:  $174,200.00  Est Bid:  $410,467.00  Opening Bid: $117,190.00  Sold:  $122,000.00   !!!


3 More Examples of Auction Savings... From just last Friday...

2BR/2BA Home at 1402 W. Alhambra Rd. in Alhambra...

Value:  $428,500.00  Est Bid:  $455,801.00  Sold:  $304,500.00  !!!

3BR/2BA Home at 7054 Varna Ave. in North Hollywood...

Value:  $356,800.00  Est Bid:  $657,591.00  Sold:  $249,475.00   !!!

3BR/2BA Home at 606 Hathaway Ave. in Monterey Park...

Value:  $608,700.00  Est Bid:  $688,694.00  Sold:  $418,050.00   !!!

Just Yesterday...

3BR/2BA Home at  Wilken Way in Garden Grove....

Value:  $354,400.00  Est Bid:  417,455.00  Sold:  $230,000.01  !!!

For more examples see us on Facebook !!!

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