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3BR/2BA Pool Home on Bessemer St in North Hollywood ... Zestimate:  $379,500.00  Sold:  $297,500.01

4BR/2.75BA Newer Home on Larger Lot on Bluffside Lane in Victorville..  Zestimate:  $117,900.00  Sold: $85,000.01


Great Week for Foreclosures... Our Bidders in Norwalk got our Client another property..

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Today:  Many deals, here are just a few....

3BR/2.5BA Home on Lido Cir in Victorville:

Zestimate:  $121,300.00  Sold:  $78,000.01

4BR/3BA Home on Northridge Hill Dr. in Chatsworth:

Zestimate:  $603,400.00  Sold:  $464,000.00 

More great buys today..

OC Condo's...

**** S Laurelwood #121 in Santa Ana...

Zestimate:  $228,700.00  Bank Owed:  $356,817.00  Sold:  $128,028.01

*** N. Acacia Ave #C13 in Fullerton...

Zestimate:  $93,400.00  Bank Owed:  $210,555.00  Sold:  $69,220.81


For other examples, visit our page on


Trustee Sale Field Trip Next Week

Have you been to a sale with a Expert who can describe the action and answer your questions?

Kurt Demeire will be at the City Hall in Orange, CA on 8-17-2011 at 8:45am


Be there and he can help you understand the ins and outs of foreclosure auctions.


The address is 300 East Chapman Ave. in Orange.


He will discuss the sales process and you will witness active sales.

See our page on for this and other upcoming training events.

Life happens while we are busy making other plans.....

Look at some drop bids on LA Duplexes just tomorrow....

Duplex on E. 103rd St in Los Angeles...

Zestimate:  $330,100.00  Bank Owed:  $439,788.00  Opening Bid:  $141,336.00

Duplex on W. 75th St. in Los Angeles...

Zestimate:  $428,400.00  Bank Owed:  $441,061.00  Opening Bid:   $145,616.50

Duplex on Rolland Curtis Pl. in Los Angeles...

Zestimate:  $295,800.00  Bank Owed:  $471,769.00  Opening Bid:  $123,306.30

3 more deals from today's sales....

6BR/4BA Home on Frigate Ave. in Wilmington...

Zestimate:  $342,700.00  Sold:  $220,500.01

3BR/2.5 Home at Bawley St in Laguna Niguel...

Zestimate:  $594,900.00  Sold:  $406,421.00

3BR/2BA Home on Lexington Ave. in Indio...

Zestimate:  $86,900.00  Sold:  $27,468.33 

More Drop Bids today...

2BR/1BA on Link St in Los Angeles...

Zestimate:  $281,800.00  Bank Owed:  $358,939.00  Opening bid:  $94,800.00  !!!

4-Plex on Meadowbrook Ave. in Los Angeles...

Zestimate:  $833,000.00  Bank Owed:  $873,346.00  Opening Bid:  $590,000.00   !!!

See our page on for more examples...

Run to Quality....

In a down market, what do you do?

Find something under-valued and snatch it up.

Hold onto it until things get better.

Foreclosures are a great investment for short term or long.

Take this 3 BR/2BA Home at ***Desert Calico Dr. in Lancaster...

Zestimate:  $177,600.00  Bank Owed:  $223,953.00  Sold:  $58,000.00

See our page on for more examples...



The dropped bids are coming in... What are you waiting for?

2BR/1BA House on Link St in Los Angeles

Zestimate:  $282,700.00  Bank owed:  $358,939.00  Opening Bid:  $94,800.00

4BR/2BA House on Sylvia Ave. in Tarzana

Zestimate: $273,900.00  Bank owed:  $571,428.00  Opening bid:  $170,900.00

3BR/2.5BA CONDO on N.Tustin Ave. #142 in Santa Ana

Zestimate:  $396,800.00  Bank owed:  $319,990.00   Opening Bid:  $50,000.00  

For more examples of dropped bids and great bargains at the auction, visit us at and see our recent posts.

Good Luck at the Auction!!!


Some of today's buys...

3BR/2BA Home on Lawrence Way in Oxnard...

Zestimate:  $332,100.00  Bank owed:  $205,086.00  Sold:  $240,500.00   !!!

2BR/2BA Westwood CONDO on Wilshire Blvd #201...

Zestimate:  $831,200.00  Bank Owed:  $617,074.00  Sold:  $441,095.00   !!!


We have a question for you...

CRR is considering expanding our bidding service.

We are thinking Clark County, but we have options.

What are your thoughts?

Please visit and our page there.

Please "like" our page, and leave us a message.

Which county should we add?

If you are a Realtor, we especially want to know.  You can be listing properties for your clients.

You steer them in the right direction, let our bidders buy them, and you get the listing.

What could be easier?  Give us your thoughts.  We want to help you succeed.

Many, Many, Many Dropped Bids Today..... More than usual....

There are so many dropped bids today,  that I am beside myself... 

The numbers are amazing, and so are the savings...

Gorgeous Large Burbank Home on N. Bel Aire Dr.  Zestimate:  $499,900.00  Opening Bid:  $105,000.00

4BR/3BA Home on San Martinez Rd in Castaic     Zestimate:  $248,500.00  Opening Bid:  $117,500.00

3BR/2BA Home on Ragus St in LaPuente    Zestimate:  $317,700.00  Opening Bid:  $155,000.00

There are many, many more today.

See our page on facebook for more....

Trustee Sale Field Trip with Kurt Demeire Tomorrow...

Be at the Orange City Hall at 300 East Chapman Ave. in Orange by 8:45am tomorrow to meet Kurt Demeire and learn about bidding at the Trustee Sales.  There is no charge for this training.

He will be describing events as they happen, answering questions, and giving you insights as to what is happening and why.

Be there and learn....

Great Low Prices Today, All Day.....

Duplex on Crenshaw Blvd. in Inglewood ..  Est Bid:  $572,439.00  Zestimate:  $344,200.00  Sold:  $215,40.00   !!!

4BR/3BA Home on Arvada St. in Torrance ..  Est Bid:  $527,835.00  Zestimate:  842,600.00  Sold:  $600,000.00  !!!

5BR/6BA Home at Live Oak Springs Canyon Rd in Santa Clarita...

Est Bid:  $1,157,185.00  Zestimate:  $945,100.00  Sold:  $705,900.00  !!!

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