About Us

County Records Research was founded in 1981 and has been providing comprehensive DAILY FORECLOSURE REPORTS for over 35 years. Customers receive unlimited consultation by experienced foreclosure buyers and have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by attending monthly field trips conducted by company founder Kurt DeMeire. 

The TRUSTEE DIVISION processes foreclosures for unpaid lenders on all types of properties anywhere in California.

What We Do... (and we do it well!)

County Records Research lists and FULLY describes thousands of pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties throughout the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. You are provided with reports listing locations, dates, names, comparable values, maps, facts and figures every working day.

What makes us different from the others?

In a word…experience.  While the quality and breadth of the foreclosure data provided by County Records Research has been well known to professional real estate investors for over 35 years, the ultimate benefit for new investors is the unlimited mentoring and training we provide to all our customers.  Imagine having access to the best, most complete foreclosure information available, and then being able to get advice of someone who’s been using this information to buy properties at tremendous discounts for over 35 years.  Kurt DeMeire has made a fortune buying property at all stages of the foreclosure process, and he is ready, willing and able to help you do the same

  Unprecedented Value... This is for real!

Due to chronic shortages of available housing units for sale, there are now more opportunities than ever in pursuing pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties in every state.  By following our “5 Ways to Buy” guidelines, you will have an unending source of new deals.

  If it’s in default and has a Deed of Trust, you will know about it!

The primary method of property foreclosure in the areas we cover is Non-Judicial. That means you have the inside scoop on ALL TYPES of properties in distress so you can use that information to help you buy at the lowest possible price!  Apartment buildings, light industrial, parking lots, agricultural land…if it was made with a Deed of Trust, it will show up in our data.


Below market value properties- with the most desirable terms-are available today.

 Who should take advantage of these surprisingly affordable opportunities?

First time buyers-Take the opportunity to purchase prime real estate at unheard-of low prices!
Current Homeowners-Move into the neighborhoods you really want to live in!
Investors-Get the scoop with information "insiders" have been using for years!
Brokers & Salespeople-Use these unlimited leads to sales and listings to keep a step ahead of your peers!
Vacation Residences-Have the weekend home-in the desert, at the ocean, or in the mountains-you never thought you could afford!



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